About Us

We take pride in offering:

  • Expertly formulated products with sound technical support
  • Best value can sizes - the largest can which will fit on shelf, filled to the highest capacity possible to retail at the magical £1 price point
  • Innovative, eye-catching design concepts to set us apart from the rest
  • A product package as good as the brand leaders, but which retails at half their price as well as in a can often more than double their fill. Why pay twice as much for a leading name brand in a smaller can, to subsidise its advertising budget?
  • Brand new 'First in the market' product lines which we can now develop and launch even before the brand leaders. Our unique innovative ideas enable us to leapfrog and forge ahead of our competitors. We are adventurous, but never compromise the quality of our products, as all are stringently tested prior to launch.

We have over 20 years of experience in marketing well-formulated, quick-sale product lines, and fully understand our Customers' needs.

Our Customers range from large chains to individual shops, and from the biggest to small family wholesalers throughout the country. We supply some of the top names in the household and toiletries market, and value every one of our Clients, large or small.

95% of the products we sell are under our own brand names:

XANTO Our innovative household cleaning aerosols suitable for both the retail and janitorial markets
STYLEFLEX Our unbeatable value hair styling range
VITALE Professional hair styling products ideally suited for salons and hairdressing wholesalers
ZONE PROFESSIONAL Our professional hair styling range for firm & flexible hold
CARESS & COTTONSOFT Superior quality cotton wool ranges, both 100% Cotton

We are also expanding our Private Label business to meet the demand of Clients who trust our quality, service, and expertise in sales and marketing in this fast-moving consumer market.

We aim to offer top quality products in attractive eye-catching packaging at value for money prices. Please visit our Products and Services pages to find out more.